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She wants something she know she can never have.
No amount of currency can pay for those needs
Not to mention their damages.
She says to herself softly as she cries
"Why can't we all be friends? Why must we fight, ignore one another, turn on each other, block certain people hurts."
She saw a certain light in each one of them, but the damages were too severe to brighten those shines
She knew those damages were evenly done by each friend to another, and herself was no exception.
What she really wished was that the bad would go away, the anger and hate between everyone
Half the time, she wished she could banish that hate she held so especially for Him, but she knew
She knew better, he would never let go of his hate, he was exactly like the rest.
Why were there damages in the first place? Who her friends are changes too frequently, and she wanted it to stop.

The day she turned fourteen, growing older but maturity stood in place. That day, she hid it from everyone
She felt as though each of her friends hated each other at that time, most in particular hating her
So she kept quiet and stayed locked in her house all day long, dreaming of what she really wanted and fantasizing it's reality.

Some friends blocked each other out, as if they didn't exist, even if they had a blooming friendship before.
Others constantly harassed one another to press unnecessary fear among them, while their past had been unspeakably horrible and were pushed into all the wrong directions growing older.
There were those who stood alone, claiming they were alone and had actually driven people away.
Some were suffering deep inside yet hid it with humor, but once they reached the safety of home they unleashed that oppressing hurt.
There were few who were mentally damaged, perhaps by their own mothers, driving them to the point of insanity.
Certain ones had damaged their bodies badly, depriving themselves of what they needed, and tried to hide afterward.
Those who were called "spoiled" but were actually suffering from years of domestic abuse.
Perhaps there was the small fraction that had been mentally harassed by their own close friend, thus being left with mental scars that were cleverly hidden.
Ones who shoved out society and refused to contribute what they had to offer, and were looked down on for it.
Others lost parents at a young age, and had trouble coping with the problem thus gaining an uninvited new family member as to replace the one who was gone.
Some dealt with early childhood traumas, causing that person to mentally regress to the sure point of insanity, and to make it all worse a drastic environment change. 
Those who were soon enough sent away for the second time in their lives without a say in their matter, leaving their best friends behind
Ones who suffered depression, like most here, but were sensitive at the lightest scratch.
Some who discovered they were different then commonly expected, love-wise, and were judged for it by misunderstanding harsh society. 
Those who lost loves that were miles away, and no possible way to feel their warmth against each other any longer.
Others were dealing with a harsh life-changing experiences, thus knowing their lives could never be physically normal.
And then, that one girl. The girl who helped peace that whole group of friends together who shared the same interests, bonds, abilities, and understandings, who was soon shoved aside. Maybe she should have been, after all, she made mental damage just as bad as it hit her. She is more than willing now to give up everything she has, everything else dear to her, just to peace that group back together, for all those to love each other again and to banish all the hatred and fighting. She knew, they were meant to be together, all of them...she just didn't know how to make them see it, or cherish it the way she would.


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Alyson Cade
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm your average tomboy, I'm not lesbian though. I like to jam on my guitar, ride my bike and skateboard, make figurines, collect tiny things, draw and write stories, and I try to improve my art each day. Not only do I improve my art, but I improve the person I am into the person I will be. Btw my age is wrong in here, I'm actually 14 years old, a high school freshman. The birthdate is right though.

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